Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fatal news: cannot step back!

We haven't updated our blog during past 3 weeks... however, quite substantial steps have been taken!

Flight tickets
After long preparations and considering especially Zdenek's tough agenda in June and in September, we just bought our flight tickets yesterday!! The Fatal trips gains the ultimate time span!
Friday June 20th 2008
Wednesday September 10th 2008

Due to unfavourable circumstances we had to pay a part of the total sum in cash. And what better place to choose than a branch of Komercni Banka next to the multifunctional complex U Hajku on Na Florenci street in Prague:)

So as to begin our backpacking experience in a mild way, we also decided to fly to Delhi from Vienna and our objective #1 would be to get there on time, not being ripped off and keep ourselves from digestive challenges:)

It goes well, both of us have already our vaccination schedules settled. The only drawback of my stay in Canada impacting the Fatal trip is that there is not enough time for me to take an anti-cholera cocktail.

All the rest
As I've just returned from Canada 3 days ago, we are now ready for the next in-person strategic meeting to proceed with general preparations. Stay tuned!:)

On behalf of the fatal crew :)