Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nepal II (July 13 - July 17)

On our way from Pokhara to Kathmandu we stopped in a near town Fishling to begin our "white-water rafting" experience in Nepal :) Nepalese rivers are divided into 5 classes according to how dangerous they are, class 1 being the easiest one and class 5 being almost non-raftable. Since our river Trishuli was supposed to be class 4+, we were quite scared but very much looking forward as well. Rafting lasted ca. 5 hours with a break for lunch at a river beach. Rafting was great, but much easier than actually expected - my guess is that the part of the river that we did was somewhere around class 3. However we still had a lot of fun, with around 12 people on the raft.

We arrived to Kathmandu after another 5 hours of bus ride, on July 14. We found our guest house and went to bed. Last two days in Nepal were spent visiting the sights of Kathmandu (Durbar Square, Swayambunath Stupa, Pashupatinath etc.) and also the sights of close town of Patan. Our primary plan was to hire a motorbike and visit also the town of Bhaktapur and Nagarkot, but there was a heavy admission fee to enter Bhaktapur and hiring a motorbike showed to be much more expensive (especially because of the current situation on the fuel market in Nepal, where you can buy gas just on the black market). Therefore we have decided to skip those two towns and not to hire a motorbike and visited a nearby small tourist-free village of Bungamati instead of that.

Our last night in Kathmandu was quite funny, since we came to the room to find out that our carpets have been washed (or we did not find any other explanation why there was 1 cm of water on the carpet floor, with walls and bathroom being completely dry) while we were not there. We went to bed and headed to the airport the next day in the morning.

After being punished at the airport for visiting Nepal and spending our money there (we had to pay some "government tax" (around $26) for leaving Nepal), we have set of to Thailand, namely to its capital Bangkok.

On behalf of the fatal crew :)

Rafting on the Trishuli river

Durbar Square, Kathmandu

Durbar Square, Patan

Swayambunath Stupa, Kathmandu

Holy man at Pashupatinath, Kathmandu

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