Friday, August 8, 2008

Pictures update 2

So far we have been mostly benefiting from the monsoon season (that is supposed to strike all over south-east Asia right now), as it was usually raining when we didn't care that much (e.g. at night) and at the same time the rain helps to keep the outside temperatures within a favourable range.
We have been aware it must happen once. But didn't expect it to be in the northern Vietnam, which is the only destination with hot & dry climate (instead of monsoon) at this time of the year. The typhoon coming from the Pacific ocean didn't allow us to sail to Halong bay yesterday and even though it was heavily raining in Hanoi as well (making us think the typhoon will be gone), it wasn't possible to sail on the next day (today) either.
Well, the trip must go on:), so we are leaving to Hue in central Vietnam in couple of hours, but before that we make use of the spare time the weather gave us to upload some more pictures - from our cameras:)

On behalf of the fatal crew :)

Eating a coconut, Sukhotai, Thailand

Elephant ride, near Chiang Mai, Thailand

Golden triangle, Sop Ruak, Thailand

At the Thai-Lao border (the river Mekong), Chiang Khong, Thailand

Going to a traditional Lao village, central Laos

Sailing the river Mekong on a speed boat, central Laos

Going to Luang Prabang with the local people, Laos

Around the Plain of jars, near Phonsavan, Laos

Watching out for US planes in the Artillery cave, Viang Xai, Laos

Preparing for a motorbike ride at the borders, Na Meo, Vietnam

Greeting the uncle Ho (in front of the Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum), Hanoi, Vietnam

Enjoying the dinner, Hanoi, Vietnam


Tomas said...

guys, loving to hear from you, finding out you are alive! I got really scared reading those lines

Well, please, do me a favour - survive:)

Besides that, really cute pics:) Enjoying your adventure:)

Paja said...

no ty fousy jsou husty.
btw z toho monzunu si nic nedeljte. my jsme meli uplne stejnou experience. taky tajfun a taky jsme cekali v Hanoji a doufali ze se vitr uklidni, ale nic z toho.
tak se mejte a stastnou cestu!

Starosta/Geg said...

Respect!!! bomba kluci,doufam ze prijmete pozvani na promitacku v nasem aprtmanu, skvara bude mit projektor. Zdenku, prosim kdo je ten zarostly morous, ktery je s tebou na vetsine fotek, to je mistni rolnik?
tak at vam to slape a dobre to zakoncite!

Menia said...

Zdenek je terorista! :-D

Ondra said...

voba jsou teroristi, mam problem je vubec rozpoznat:)
at se dari draci!

Helena said...

Jezisi a takovy hezky kluci to byli :-)!