Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First complications

Two weeks have just passed since our previous meeting and our preparations for the fatal trip continue. Each of us, me and Zdenek, are responsible for half of countries on our actual destination list. It means that we are gathering information about visa, vaccination, the most significant travel sights, country specifics (e.g. culture, accommodation, transportation, politics, climate, currency) etc. to be ready for sharing and discussion during the second strategic meeting (coming soon!).

"My" countries are Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia and Myanmar (Burma) and it is the last one that has caused the first complications. As you may have noticed in the map that was created after the last meeting, we intend to go from India to Laos through Myanmar. To be more precise, we would like to go by train. And here it comes... I found out on multiple channels that most probably it won't be possible due to current military government that block many frontier crossings. It is highly recommended that tourists enter the country only by plain.

If this gets confirmed, it brings many implications, e.g. to fly to Myanmar from Thailand instead of India (because of visa), therefore a need to obtain a double visa to Thailand (because of repeated entry)... and above all to reconsider the order of all countries on our "flight plan".
Let's hope it requires just few slight rearrangements! :)

On behalf of the fatal crew:)

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