Thursday, February 21, 2008

Second strategic meeting

Three weeks have passed and we are meeting again!

Having met on time as usually (30 minutes later than agreed on) we drove to my house and had a romantic dinner with candles and soft background music. And a dog screwing around the table.

Because of the time pressure, we did not have that much time to do a decent research (Martin did actually most of the work), so we decided to focus on specifying the course of our trip and next steps concerning our fatal summer. Since borders of Myanmar are closed, driving or somehow getting through this country showed to be extremely difficult or even impossible. Therefore we had to replan the trip we are going to take.

You can see the map below.

On behalf of the fatal crew :)

(yellow = country borders, red = long way to take:),
green = facultative trips
, blue = flights)


Ondra said...

trosku gay ale jinak super:)

Paja said...

sem objevila zrovna vas blog. no moc vam to slusi, ondra ma pravdu:P
tak jsem zvedava, jestli to dotahnete do zdarneho konce. fandim vam:)