Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fatal bye-bye party! :)

209 days since me and Zdenek shaked our hands and decided to make this voyage happen,
114 days since our first strategic meeting,
37 days since we bought our flight tickets to India,

...and just 29 days to go!

Therefore it is our pleasure to announce we are organizing the...
Tuesday June 17th 2008
(place is to be specified)

Also, Zdenek is taking his final bachelor exam on this day. Let me wish him good luck and loads of persistence in upcoming rush period!

We are both looking forward to meeting many of you on this special occasion!

On behalf of the fatal crew :)


Ondra said...

kluci, jste husty, tesim se na vasi bye-bye!
jediny co mi neni jasny, je ten vas branding, na me to pusobi, jako kdybyste chteli, aby se vam po ceste neco stalo...

Starosta said...

kdyby nahodou dosly penize tak se jako klauni uzivite :)
hlavne poradnej planning a jeste naky ty kozultanty!