Thursday, May 15, 2008

No haircut, no shave...

To make our trip easier going and to prevent some unpleasant events from happening, we have decided to:
  • look as shabby as possible to repel all potential thieves and criminals
  • look as little attractive as possible in order to discourage all potential Asian females from approaching us (such distractions should disturb our traveling experience)
  • look as poor as possible so all people would feel sorry for us and would accommodate us somewhere each night
  • and last but not least, to feel and look like real travelers (since we wouldn't be able to achieve this in any other way :) ...)
Therefore, we will not get a haircut nor shave during our 3-months trip!

On behalf of the fatal crew :)


Anonymous said...

tak mě napadlo - znáte pro aiesekáře to možná neni tak aktuální, ale třeba se vám to může hodit:) janča

Paja said...

vas chci videt v srpnu. tesim se na fotky:P