Thursday, June 19, 2008

The fatally excellent "project manager"

Although I have expected this year to be really busy and it was actually much busier than I have expected, I do not believe that Martin was less busy than I was. However he still found enough time for preparation and planning of our trip - mostly coordinating our activities, researching, "managing" the whole preparation. I believe Martin did around 60-75% of the whole work regarding the fatal preparation and I would like to express my great thanks to him for that.

So thanks a lot Martin, our readiness would not be so good without your effort :)!

On behalf of the fatal crew :)


Martin said...

Huh:) Thanks, Zdenek:) I truly value your appreciation. At the same time, I'd like to take this opportunity to express my respect towards you for sustaining the pace and high quality of our preparations, despite being more than busy with your university assignments and other engagements during the entire period! M.

It's time to get abord now...

PS: Situation on the spot: right after delicious dinner at Zdenek's place, packed, almost ready, leaving to Vienna in 3 hours!

Peter Sparky said...

zdenek, you are so modest :)))

Good luck guys. Hope no bird flu or tyfus will catch you around.