Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fourth strategic meeting

On May 28th 2008, with 22 fatal days to our departure, another - fourth - strategic meeting took place in a small town of Czech Republic - Horni Jircany!

Points that we discussed were:
  • detailed plan of our trip - particular places we are going to visit
  • particular items of our baggage that we were not sure whether to take or not
  • fatal corporates :)
  • details concerning fatal bye-bye party
  • setting of rules and sharing of expectations
  • various random stuff (doctors, medication, insurance, packing logistics, consultations of all kinds, travel guides, cash etc.)
This meeting was quite long and exhausting, especially when it came to the rules setting part. However the output we produced is of excellent quality and we believe it will make our trip more enjoyable and with less complications and misunderstandings within the fatal crew :)

As usually, we divided responsibilities and have set next steps, so everything should be ready for our fifth meeting which will take place on June 9th 2008.

As far as visas and vaccinations are concerned, we are almost all set - to our surprise, we have fought the bureaucracy at embassies well enough and received all visas with required validity and of required type. Martin still has a few vaccinations to go through (or to skip and die as a hero).

On behalf of the fatal crew :)

Having rest after another successful meeting

PS: Well, we were not just discussing... and dedicated little time to practice, too. Zdenek had bad luck when tossing the coin for who shall try out our new toy, a pepper spray ;-) M.

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Paja said...

What are your personal expectation and how was the sharing like? :)
Goal setting done?
Neco jako:
videt slona, svezt se na slonovi, zapadnout do brčálu a tak?