Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fifth strategic meeting

Yesterday we met in the university restaurant for the last strategic meeting, the fifth one. Originally (approximately in February:)) this meeting was intended to provide space for final check of everything related to the trip. As could have been easily foreseen, eventually there was a little bit more to talk about:)

We made final arrangements concerning few items on our packing list and were mostly discussing contents of so called Info kit (including all information we want to have available during the trip, e.g. basic descriptions of main tourist sights, contacts for embassies, important border crossings, specifics of tropical diseases and first aid and much other).

This week (starting Monday June 9th) is in fact the last one I can devote to preparations, due to logistical, technical, personal and other reasons. On the other hand, Zdenek needs to focus now on studying for his final bachelor exam that is to be taken next Monday, thus his final preparations will take place just few days before our departure (Friday June 20th).

I believe we both manage to get "ready enough" in time!
As for now, I'd say we are 86% ready;-)

See you soon, on the Fatal bye-bye party!

On behalf of the fatal crew :)

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